Road to Hana

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

What is the road to Hana? The town itself is very small and most houses are miles apart or very distant from any stores. The charm lies within the journey you take to reach Hana, the road is 52 miles from Kahului. The drive can take you anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on how long it takes you to see all the different attractions, not to mention the 59 narrow one-lane bridges and its 620 curves.

You start the journey in the city of Paia, and it’s recommended to use an app called Road to Hana- Maui by GyPSy Guide. A quick tip I would recommend is leaving early in the morning to be able to see everything while there is still daylight, as well as taking snacks and water because you’ll be in your car for a very long time. The app will start by itself once you are on Hana HWY and it will guide you through the whole road letting you know where to stop to see the different views

Unfortunately, my trip didn’t start till approximately 11a.m. and that was too late in my opinion. By the time we reached Paia from Wailea it was already 10, but we had gone whale watching in the morning and bought some sandwiches in Honolulu Coffee and then our journey began.

There were many waterfalls and different places to stop at to catch the perfect view of the island. There was even a statue of Virgin Mary on the side of a hill which was pretty fascinating. My personal favorite was the black sand beach in Wai’anapanapa State Park, but don’t be fooled, the waters aren’t always calm enough for you to take a dip in. There’s a small cave on the side on the beach which can be a great little hiding spot from the sun. The black sand beach was created by a lava flow several hundred of years ago and now all that’s left are lava cliffs and small black rocks that turn into pebbles and then into sand.

On the drive back the app tells you the story of the different islands of Hawaii and explains how the British and Americans came into play. Like I had mentioned earlier, we didn’t start our journey as early as we should’ve causing us to catch the nightfall on the road. Picture this, you’re on an unknown road which has very narrow lanes and you’re driving with one eye closed. That’s how it felt going back down. The sun went down and we weren’t even halfway through the 52 miles we had ahead of us. What’s worse than driving in the dark with no light except the reflection given from the road signs, driving in the rain. It wasn’t a light sprinkle either, it was pouring down on us. Luckily we all made it out alive and it will be a journey I will always remember and I’m glad to say I survived the Road to Hana! Comment down below if you’ve ever been and hare your experience.
By: Mellow Mel

© all rights reserved

Source of picture: Mellow Mel


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