Beauty and the Beast

“If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.” – Cogsworth

Tale as old as time, true as it can be. We all know how this story goes and personally a story I love. This past weekend I saw the “new” Beauty and the Beast and unfortunately I was disappointed. I’m giving the movie a 5 out of 10 because the parts that were the “same” as the original were decent. I understand we are in modern ages now but I feel some movies shouldn’t be changed. I see how they elaborated on the story of the prince and his family dynamics and why he came to be the beast that he was. As well as giving a backstory to Belle and her family history and giving her more of a voice, but I feel she already had one.

Emma Watson is a good actress and I loved her as Hermione Granger and I’ve seen some of her other films and she does a good job. I personally grew up watching the animated film and Belle has always been a role model because she wasn’t superficial and she stood up for herself and never depended on anyone. I could’ve done without the extra dialogue that was added into the new movie as well as the new storylines of her family. As a child did I wonder what happened to her mom?, no. I grew up with a single mother and it’s not rare for me to see other single parents so that’s not something I never questioned.

To conclude, I will not be watching this movie again and I wish they wouldn’t have changed the original plot the way they did. The settings weren’t exact either, for example the bookstore in the village did not have a small table of books, it had more. Overall I was left disappointed but that’s to expect when they make any animated film into a live action film. If any of you saw the new film comment down below if you agree or disagree with my review.

By: Mellow Mel

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  1. atthematinee says:

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts on this! Have you written on any film sites before?


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    1. mellowmels says:

      No I haven’t!!! Do you have any websites you can suggest?!

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      1. atthematinee says:

        Actually I do! I was asking because I was wondering if you might like to see some of your writing on Moviepilot! Let me know if you have any interest, would love to help!

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      2. mellowmels says:

        Yes I would love that!!!

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      3. atthematinee says:

        Awesome!! Looking forward to chatting further 🙂

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  2. I haven’t seen the movie yet as I am against these Disney remakes of their animated films, in principle, so I don’t support them in the cinema. But I agree with you that I don’t like that they feel they need to “change” or “modernize” their stories. I also feel remaking them as live-action puts down animation as a “kiddie” art form and that only a live camera film is “proper”.

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    1. mellowmels says:

      I totally agree with you! Animated films are not that easy to make to begin with!

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      1. Yeah! And the argument people make is like saying every painting wants to become a photograph! Like, no they don’t, lol!

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