Unicorn Frappuccino

It’s basically a sour birthday cake


Earlier this week, Starbucks announced that they would release a limited editing Unicorn Frappuccino. What is a Unicorn Frappuccino you ask? Well it’s a color changing, flavor changing new drink that they have decided to create. Yesterday I decided to give this new drink a try and let me tell you how I was very disappointed. First of all, I had no idea what this was going to taste like AT ALL!! I just assumed if Starbucks makes it then it must be good, especially if half of the world was buying one. I googled what it was supposed to taste like and according to the Washington Post it is “made with a sweet dusting of pink powder blended into a crème Frappuccino with mango syrup, and layered with a pleasantly sour blue powder topping.” This could not be further than what I tasted! To me it tasted like a sour candy mixed with some sort of cream and it leaves a weird after taste, and overall it was not a good experience for me at all. Since I spent a good $4 on this drink, I didn’t want to spend it so I gave it to my grandma and bless her little soul and taste buds because she liked it! This drink will be available at participating Starbucks and will be available for a limited time from April 19-23. Go get yours today and leave a comment below if you’ve tasted it and what your experience was with this Unicorn Frappuccino.


By: Mellow Mel

© All Rights Reserved

Source of pictures: Google Images


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